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Illumination Correction Made Easier

Illumination Correction: A Comparison of Methods For anyone new to cell-image analysis (like me!), let me preface this blog post with the fact that no matter how good a method is, nothing will ever be “perfect.” In this field, the main goal is to try and minimize any issues within the images that you have. Examples of issues include blurry/noisy images, imperfect segmentation, uneven illumination (the main point of this blog), among others. Being able to interpret if the method you chose w...

Microscopy data playbook

A suitable and flexible data management strategy is essential for effective and trustworthy science. Our goal for data is to maximize access, understanding, analysis speed, and provenance while reducing barriers, unnecessary storage bloat, and cost. Data perspectives We think about data using three different perspectives: Level Origin Flow Each perspective requires us to think through different considerations for storage, access, and provenance management. Managing microscopy dat...


Day 0 in the Way Lab

Today, September 15th, 2021, is Day 0 of the Way Lab @ CU Anschutz in the brand new Center for Health AI. While I’m writing this post from my kitchen table, WFH, still surrounded by moving boxes, I am very excited for this new chapter and to kick off my research group. The first blog post will be more of a public journal entry than a traditional blog post (whatever that means). But as I sit in my new Denver apartment, I am asking myself “What do I do now?”. I’ll try to answer this Q below,...