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Biomedical data science

Welcome to the Way Lab at The University of Colorado Anschutz!

We are currently hiring curious, compassionate, daring, and meticulous scientists to lead the next generation of biomedical research.

The mission of our lab is to integrate high-dimensional biomedical data science into clinical decision making to improve patient outcomes. We will develop new methods, approaches, assays, and software for analyzing high-dimensional genomic, molecular, and morphological data. Our primary focus will be on establishing cell morphology as a reproducible systems biology measurement of cell state.

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Our Research

We use biomedical data science, software, and machine learning to enhance biological discovery and to improve the human condition. We develop data-driven methods and approaches to understand disease mechanisms, to personalize treatment strategies, and to reduce human suffering. We focus on extracting value from biomedical image data, and are currently building the infrastructure required to establish morphology as a systems biology measurement.

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Software and data

We also release data and software to enable reproducible computational biology analyses and workflows. Data are important resources that scientists can use to answer multiple questions. All of our software is open source, and we encourage active learning through meaningful code contributions. Please cite any data or software you use!

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Our lab team

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